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Pushing the Limits of Adventure


Borrowing from the format of the International Six Days Enduro (ISDE),which is world renowned as a supreme test of rider and machine over a grueling six-day competition, 6DAZE Moto Adventures provides a non competitive format for seasoned Dual Sport and ADV riders to test their mettle over the course of a self-reliant, six-day off-road adventure. 6DAZEMoto Adventures offers an assortment of GPS-guided tours across diverse Arizona landscapes that are formulated for the hardcore enthusiast.

Whether your weapon of choice is a lightweight dual sport mount, a litersized ADV bike, or something in-between, 6DAZE Moto Adventures has you covered with a variety of pre-packaged tours or customizable “Craft” adventures to suit your regional, seasonal, or other particular preferences. All 6DAZE tours are carefully curated to deliver back-to-back days of epic riding in combination with incomparable scenery and stops at notable points of interest along the way. Our mission at 6DAZE Moto Adventures is to fill the void at the top of the dual sport/ADV food chain that is beyond the scope of most organized rides and rallies. Beginners and the faint of heart, look elsewhere!

Life is short. Ride Hard!