My name is Greg Baumann and I’m the founder and Chief Expedition Officer at 6DAZE Moto Adventures. I’ve been an avid “Adventure Rider” since I was eleven years old. My first ADV bike was a 1971 Yamaha Mini-Enduro that I rode after school nearly every day, discovering unknown-to-me locations along a network of powerlines that ran behind my childhood home in Dallas, Texas. I can honestly refer to that motorcycle as an ADV bike, not only because it transported me far from home and expanded my horizons, but because it served as a catalyst to a lifetime of two-wheeled, off-road adventure.

Fast-forward twenty years later to Scottsdale, Arizona, where I expanded my horizons even further aboard the world’s first fuel-injected, electric-start, street-legal dirt bike - a ‘91 ATK 604. That very capable machine inspired me to promote my first (and Arizona’s first) AMA National Dual Sport Ride in 1992. I followed that up with another AMA National in 1993, dubbed “The Ride To the Rim,” which took riders from the urban oasis of Scottsdale to the fabled South Rim of the Grand Canyon along an original discovery route that required approval from over half-a-dozen government agencies. I needed a break after all that red tape, but the seeds of Arizona’s dual sport bonanza were sown! Other promoters would soon fill the vacuum, and the sport continued to grow.

Meanwhile, I purchased a ’95 BMW 1100GS and set off on big-bike adventures across the Western U.S., down through Central America, and up to Alaska. I applied what I learned from my big-bike travels to my ’04 & ’05 Red Rock National Dual Sport events by offering separate, ADV-friendly routes and running the two events (Dual Sport and ADV) concurrently. What began as a renegade experiment on my part to appeal to the burgeoning ADV community over a decade ago, culminated with the AMA National Dual Sport series being expanded and rebranded as the National Dual Sport/Adventure Series that it is today.

Times change, however, and as the Dual Sport/ADV phenomenon continues to grow, a new breed of riders has emerged demanding a more organic Dual Sport/Adventure experience than cookie-cutter events can offer. My purpose in creating 6DAZE Moto Adventures is to meet that demand with a modern formula that requires riders to be self-reliant, but at the same time, takes the guesswork out of navigating across remote backcountry. 6DAZE Moto Adventures come in two flavors - Dual Sport (for enduro-style dirt bikes) and Rally ADV (for larger ADV bikes). Both are designed for experienced off-road riders with solid GPS skills seeking challenging, authentic two-wheeled adventures without the dust, crowds and exorbitant entry fees of organized rides and rallies.

Take your off-road adventures to the next level with 6DAZE Moto Adventures!

6DAZE Sherpas

6DAZE Moto Adventures should never be ridden alone. You wouldn’t attempt a Mount Everest expedition without a competent sherpa, nor should you attempt a 6DAZE Moto expedition without a competent riding buddy. Your riding buddy should be someone you can trust to be a good sherpa should you ever find yourself in trouble. Here at 6DAZE, we follow our own advice whenever we’re out scouting or pre-running our tours. Not only is it immeasurably safer to ride with a buddy or small group, it’s a lot more fun. As you’ll see in these photos, we have plenty of fun putting these rides together here at 6DAZE. Buddy up, ride smart, and have a blast on your 6DAZE Moto Expedition!

The management team behind 6DAZE does more than off-road tours. 6DAZE is a division of MotoVita (formerly Motolink), and has promoted over a dozen professional and amateur events including FIM-sanctioned MX GP’s, AMA Outdoor MX Nationals, AMA National Dual Sport Rides, Hare Scrambles, and Enduros. Our event experi‍‍‍ence has been tapped by familiar names in the sporting world in support of a wide range of activities, including AMA Superbike racing, BMW press launches, Umbrella Girls event placement, and Rock & Roll Marathon support. If it involves motorcycles and requires on-site expertise, you want MotoVita on your team.