Day 1 “Hard” of the 6DAZE Summer Dual Sport Tour is quite possibly the most challenging and exhilarating ride on the entire tour, and one four-letter word sums it up quite nicely: SAND

If you don’t like sand, don’t despair, neither did we, until we scouted this hidden jewel and changed out minds. This 51 mile loop skirts around the edge of the Vermillion Cliffs and follows a jeep road to the top of the otherworldly Paria Plateau. It can be ridden as a standalone loop or combined with Day 1 “Easy” to make for a masochistic 135 mile day like you’ve never experienced. You’ll either come to terms with the sand and get hooked on it like we did, or you’ll be selling your dirt bike and taking up golf as soon as you get back to civilization. Speaking of civilization, there’s none for miles around, so come prepared with a sack lunch and plenty of water and gas.

Enough about the sand. If you’re really that nervous about it, stick with Day 1 “Easy” and wonder what you missed for the rest of your life. You’ll miss a lot, I can assure you, but don’t take my word for it. Check out what others had to say about their visits to this incredibly weird and mysterious landscape in the reviews below.

CAUTION: Don’t even think about doing this ride on a big, heavy ADV bike. How many times do we have to warn you?

To get the most out of Day 1 “Hard” check out these online resources before you go:

Day 1 Hard - P‍‍‍aria Plateau‍‍‍

D‍‍‍ay 1 Easy - Great Western Trail

Day 1 “Easy” of the 6DAZE Summer Dual Sport Tour traces the origins of the historic Great Western Trail, where two Spanish priests, Dominguez and Escalante, camped with Paiute Native Americans in 1776 at the base of the Kaibab Plateau in northern Arizona. The trails the Natives showed them still exist today, much as they were when pioneers, cattle ranchers, and Mormon Honeymooners first ventured into Arizona: teeming with wildlife, exotic plants, and breathtaking rock formations that expose the history of the earth. A few miles southeast of Jacob Lake, the trail travels north to Orderville Canyon, descends the North Kaibab Plateau toward the Buckskin Mountains and into Utah with views of the Chocolate, Vermilion,and White Cliffs. From House Rock Valley Road, the GWT ascends the north plateau of the Kaibab National Forest where California Condor soar in the thermals above the Vermillion Cliffs, and Rocky Mountain elk, white-tailed and mule deer, horses, antelope, and black bear roam.

Day 1 “Easy” is a scenic 85 mile loop, and is labelled as such because it normally isn’t a very challenging ride, but beware of summer monsoons which render some sections along House Rock Valley Road impassable due to raging torrents at several water crossings, not to mention a clay road base that can be extremely slippery when wet. Day 1 “Hard” might actually be a better bet on a wet day, but make sure you read up on Day 1 “Hard” before you decide which of these two rides is best for you. Yes, you can combine the two loops if masochism is your thing.

To get the most out of Day 1 ”Easy” check out the online resources below before you go: