No motorcycle trip to Arizona is complete without a ride through the majestic Red Rocks surrounding Sedona. Day 4 is a 102 mile trip to Disneyland that doesn’t just take you to Sedona, it takes you there by way of a tricky descent on a little-known jeep trail that few of the locals even know about. Part of the reason for its obscurity is that it’s a one-way trail (down only) and jeeps aren’t allowed on it anymore. Amazingly enough, dirt bikes and quads are the only motorized vehicles allowed! You’ll think you’re in Dual Sport Nirvana when you see the panorama from the top, but make sure your brakes and tires are in good shape, because its a long, steep, sometimes rocky descent to the base of the sandstone cliffs that were once home to ancient Pueblo peoples. If you want to see remnants from these ancient cultures, be sure to visit either the Honanki or Palatki Heritage Sites along the route.

Lunch is waiting at the restaurant of your choice a few miles away in Sedona, but we rec‍‍‍ommend the food and the views at the Mesa Grill located at the Sedona Airport. The ride back to Flagstaff is a leisurely cruise up the fabled Oak Creek Canyon along Highway 89A. We planned it that way on purpose so you can spend some time exploring art galleries, espresso bars, and psychic bookstores in Sedona, but don’t dilly-dally too long or you’ll be racing to beat the thunderstorms that develop rapidly during monsoon season (July & August). Don’t despair about riding the pavement up Oak Creek Canyon, it’s one of the most scenic drives in Arizona, or anywhere for that matter. We threw in a little dirt at the end, because that’s the way we roll.

To get the most out of Day 4, check out these online resources before you go: