‍‍‍6DAZE Dual Sport Adventures are GPS-based, self-guided tours specifically designed for the capabilities of “Dual Sport” motorcycles. “Dual Sport” motorcycles, as defined here, refer to 500cc (and under), single-cylinder, street-licensed, off-road motorcycles. Images of Beta’s, KTM’s, Husqvarna’s, Honda XR’s, and Suzuki DR’s should come to mind. Inappropriate machines would include BMW GS, Triumph Tiger, and Honda Africa Twin models, to name a few. If there were a bike on the dividing line, it would be the AJP PR7 piloted by an expert rider. The reason for all this foreshadowing is simple. 6DAZE routes traverse some tough terrain, and when the going gets tough, the tough get going. 6DAZE Dual Sport Adventures are not for beginners, quitters, or timid riders. You’ve been warned!

We know that dirt bikes aren’t much fun on the highway, so each day’s route was designed as a stand-alone loop (or combination of loops) in close proximity to a town or “base camp” offering lodging, camping, and dining facilities. Riders will be moving from base camp to base camp as the tour progresses and must provide their own means of transporting their machines and equipment from staging area to staging area. Images of pickup trucks, enclosed trailers, and tricked-out Sprinter vans should come to mind. Lodging is not included in the price of the tour, and riders are responsible for arranging their own accommodations. Please don’t roll into town (any of them) without reservations. Lodging in Arizona’s high country is frequently sold out during the summer months, so plan ahead.

Riders may choose to start on either end of a 6DAZE Dual Sport Adventure and work their way toward the other end. Our numbering system runs west to east, but which end you start from is up to you. Each base camp serves two consecutive days of riding in order to facilitate rest and minimize the frequency of moves.

6DAZE Dual Sport Tours sell for the insanely low price of $125 (U.S. dollars), payable online.  All major credit cards accepted.    Don’t Delay - Order Now!

You’ll receive meticulously accurate GPS tracks supplemented with day-by-day Ride Info which will enable you to confidently navigate your 6DAZE Dual Sport Tour.  All tour materials will be delivered electronically via email so please provide a valid email address at time of purchase. 6DAZE GPS tracks are formatted in the universal .gpx format and are compatible with most modern GPS devices and apps.  Riders are responsible for providing their own GPS nav equipment, and for the proper loading of the supplied tracks. Due to the myriad of GPS devices and apps on the market, users should consult their specific device and/or app documentation for detailed step-by-step instructions pertaining to the loading and operation thereof.Supplemental Ride Info is provided via printable PDF documents which shall be the rider’s responsibility to print beforehand and/or have access to during the ride.

No, roll charts are obsolete in today’s digital world. GPS is the way to go! If you don’t have a GPS mounted (and hard-wired) to your bike, this is the best reason you’ll ever have to get one. While we don’t offer custom maps showing 6DAZE Dual Sport routes, many of the roads you’ll be riding and intersecting are shown on U.S. Forest Service maps and other commercial map products. Forest Service maps are available online and at most Ranger stations, and are great to have on hand as a backup means of navigation if your GPS unit fails or you need to bailout for any reason.

Before placing your order online, you’ll be asked to agree to a Waiver of Liability acknowledging that undertaking a 6DAZE Dual Sport Adventure is an inherently risky activity that shouldn’t be undertaken alone, or with unreliable equipment, or with inadequate skills. You’ll also be acknowledging your proficiency at operating your GPS unit of choice, and that the GPS tracks and Rider Packet purchased through our website accurately reflected conditions on the ground (road closures, passability, etc.) at the time of production.


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