The elements of earth, wind & fire have been at constant play in Arizona for millions of years, conspiring to carve out the canyons, create the mountain ranges, and seed the forests which serve as the backdrop to the 6DAZE Earth, Wind & Fire Dual Sport Tour. The tour is a six-day, 600+ mile dirt bike ride across Arizona’s high country which showcases some of the state’s most heralded natural wonders. Arizona’s High Country extends from the Kaibab Plateau along the Utah border, then cuts diagonally across the state atop the Colorado Plateau where it converges with the Mogollon Rim in Central Arizona, and continues eastward across the White Mountains to the New Mexico border. Elevations along this wild and scenic corridor range from 5,000’ to over 9,000 feet, making for ideal summer riding conditions. In addition to offering some of the finest dual sport riding on the planet, the Earth, Wind & Fire Dual Sport Tour is packed with opportunities to appreciate the effects of these elements on Arizona’s landscape, its history, and its people.

Summer Dual Sport Tour‍‍‍


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